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National Ice Cream Month 2006

To celebrate National Ice Cream Month, Viva! teamed up with Turtle Mountain, producers of Soy Delicious dairy-free desserts, to show people just how easy it is to go animal-free and still enjoy all their favorite foods. 

Throughout the month, free Soy Delicious give-aways took place across the country, with thousands of people being introduced to the vegan ice cream for the first time.
How could anyone resist flavors such as Mocha Almond Fudge, Peanut Butter Zig Zag, and Mango Raspberry? Reactions were all extremely positive (just as we knew they would be!), with people expressing genuine surprise that they were eating soy, rather than dairy, ice cream. 

Leaflets were distributed with every scoop, explaining why it’s good for humans, as well as animals, to dump dairy and switch to soy instead. Who wants pus in their ice cream? Ugh no thanks! But that’s what dairy-eaters get, because each and every gallon of milk contains on average one billion pus cells that weep from infected udders. Nice. Not! And for the millions of lactose-intolerant people across the U.S.--- Soy Delicious means they don’t have to miss out on desserts.

Positive vegan outreach is a fantastic way of saving animals. Showing people what they can eat and enjoy rather than hectoring them about what they’ll have to give up is the best way of “converting” people. And for each person who decides to go veggie (or, so much better, of course, vegan) thousands of animals will be saved over the course of their lifetime.

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