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John Robbins Speaks Out

My name is John Robbins. My father and my uncle were the original founders of Baskin Robbins. I am the author of Diet For A New America, The Food Revolution, and a number of other bestsellers detailing the realities of food production in the United States.

As someone whose background includes intimate involvement with Baskin Robbins, and who is familiar with the workings of the dairy industry, I am happy to give my support to Viva!’s effort to get Baskin Robbins to carry vegan ice cream flavors.

Vegan ice cream is healthier to eat than dairy-based ice creams, because it contains far less saturated fat and cholesterol. It also takes less toll on the environment, because today’s factory dairies are major contributors to water and air pollution. And vegan ice cream is far more compassionate to the animals.

Viva!’s most recent investigation of the dairy industry has provided even more evidence of what we already knew to be true: all animals involved in the dairy industry suffer. The dairy industry presents ads telling us that these cows are happy, but this advertising is entirely false. The mother cow whose babies are taken away and who never eats a blade of grass in her entire life suffers. So does the male calf who is confined in a cage barely larger than his own body and then slaughtered for ’veal.’ And so does the female calf who is often raised in small crates for months until old enough to produce milk. Dairy cows are bred and manipulated to give so much milk that their udders often become inflamed.

Many consumers prefer delicious options that do not involve cruelty to animals or harm to our planet. By providing flavors of delicious vegan ice creams, Baskin Robbins will show it is a progressive company willing to evolve with society.

John Robbins.