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Watch Viva!'s undercover video on duck farming in the USA.

Trader Joe's:
Urgent Action Needed


Duck Week for September has been rescheduled due to the recent
tragedies. Please join us for Duck Week which is now set for October 8 - 14

Mark your calendars now and plan on joining an event that is planned or enlist your city!

In October, Viva! will once again coordinate events against grocery stores such as Whole Foods, Wal-Mart SuperCenters and Kroger asking them to
quit selling duck meat. For the week of October 8 - 14we are asking
everyone to make a splash for the ducks! We have *new leaflets specific to
Whole Foods* selling of Grimaud Farms!

In less than a year Viva! has been successful in getting Whole Foods and
Trader Joe's to no longer buy duck meat from Maple Leaf Farms (killer of 14
million Pekin ducks a year) and Earth Fare and Trader Joe's to dump duck
meat from Grimaud Farms (who cuts the tips of the bills off Muscovy ducks).

We need to stop this industry in its tracks!

Viva! investigated both Grimaud and Maple Leaf Farms and found that the
ducks are forced to live in crowded conditions, indoors, without enough
water to immerse their heads. Most farms offer ducks water only in the form
of nipple drinkers (a pipe with holes where water drops out). Without an
adequate amount of water, these aquatic birds find it difficult to keep warm

and may also develop eye problems that can result in blindness. De-billing
is done to prevent feather pulling – a behavior caused by the stressful
environment. In the US, thousands of ducks are boiled alive in the

Cities that are planning on participating include: Atlanta, Austin,
Chicago,Dallas, Edgewater, NJ, Houston, Long Island, Philadelphia, Raleigh,
NC and San Francisco. Details on who to contact can be seen here (we will continue to add groups as they sign on).

If your city is not listed, but you would like to help out contact us at and order our Ducks Out of Water packet which includes a
petition, order form for literature, sample letter to the store and
newspaper as well as a sample news release.

The event doesn't have to be a big event - just two people can reach a lot
of customers in an hour. It is not a boycott - we want the customers to
express their dissatisfaction with the store managers.

Even if your Whole Foods is not currently selling Grimaud Farms, they could
start at any time. As of right now, there is not a corporate policy to not
sell from them.

Thanks and we hope you will join us!

For the animals,
lauren Ornelas
US Campaigns Director