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Watch Viva!'s undercover video on duck farming in the USA.


Animal Friends,

Please take the time to write a few letter THIS WEEK. We need you to make your voice heard for the 24 million ducks killed on factory farms each year.

Viva! USA launched its campaign against factory farmed duck meat in September 2000. In April 2001, Viva! USA received a letter from Traders

Joe's stating that they were "no longer [placing] any more orders for duck meat." This letter was from Chairman and CEO of Trader Joe's, John Shields.

Apparently, Mr. Shields retired shortly after writing this letter. Since Mr. Shields' retirement, it has come to Viva!'s attention that Trader Joe's east coast stores are still selling duck meat from Grimaud Farms, one of the companies that Viva! investigated (Click here for information). The new CEO, Mr. Dan Bane, has written to Viva! and stated that no corporate decision has been formally made at this time to stop the sale of duck meat.


Please write to the new CEO of Trader Joe's and encourage them to adopt a duck-free policy:

Dan Bane
Trader Joe's
PO Box 5049
800 South Shamrock Avenue
Monrovia, CA 91016
T: 626-599-3700
F: 626-301-4441

In addition, please contact the President of the East Coast division (which includes all stores east of the Mississippi River) of Trader Joe's, which is currently still selling duck meat from Grimaud Farms.

Doug Rauch, President
East Coast Office
Trader Joe's
938 Highland Ave.
Needham Heights, MA 02494
Direct Line: 781-433-0182x111
Switchboard: 781-433-0234

Talking Points:

  • Ducks who live in factories never have access to outdoors and are only given water in mechanical drinkers, thus depriving them of their natural aquatic habitat. They do not have enough water to preen properly and find it difficult to keep warm. Without enough water to immerse themselves, they may develop eye problems that can result in blindness.

  • In the US, thousands of ducks are boiled alive in the slaughterhouse.

  • Grimaud Farms practices de-billing, a cruel and painful practice which involves amputating a portion of their bills.

If you are a regular shopper at Trader Joe's:

  • Please write to the addresses above and be sure to specify that you are a customer of theirs.

  • If you have any receipts from Trader Joe's, be sure to include them.

  • Speak to your store manager about this very important issue so that s/he can relay the message to the corporate office.

According to Trader Joe's they will let their customers decide.

Finally, don't forget Duck Week -- September 10-16. To check for events in your area (or to set one up), contact us or visit our website! The more education that is done on this issue, the less the consumer demand.