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Ducks Out of Water - Urgent Action Needed!

Events to take place at Whole Foods in late January/early February. We hope to update this list with more events.
Updated: February 1, 2001.

If you do not see your Whole Foods listed, please
contact us for a free Ducks Out of Water pack and organize one of your own!

Please contact the following organization for details:


San Francisco - For more information contact: or Andrea with Viva!SF/CAFT.

Sebastopol (Sonoma County) - For more information contact Robin with SPAR at

La Jolla - For more information contact: Hava at

Georgia - Atlanta

For more information contact lauren with Viva! at

New Jersey

Edgewater - Whole Foods in Edgewater on Saturday, 2/10 from noon - 2:00. For more information contact Joe with the New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance at

North Carolina - Raleigh

For more information contact Carrie with Viva!Raleigh at

Philadelphia - PA

For more information Contact: Jennifer Reimenschneider with Mobilization for Animals at


Austin - February 10. For more information contact Ernest with Action for Animals at 

Dallas - February 17. For more information contact Megan with the Animal Liberation of Texas at


Seattle - Saturday, January 27th - 1pm to 5pm. DUCK DEMO and OUTREACH TABLING @ Whole Foods 64th & Roosevelt - Just north of the U-District. Join us as we protest Whole Foods decision to sell duck meat. Whole Foods joins Trader Joe's and Wal-Mart as a local target of this campaign to rid stores of duck meat. We will also have a table of literature on other animal issues. We need people to pass out flyers and staff the literature table. For more information contact Action for Animals at

Washington, DC

For more information contact Franklin Wade with United Poultry Concerns at