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Welcome to Viva! USA

Viva! is a dynamic organization campaigning on behalf of animals killed for food. We do investigations of factory farms and then produce campaign materials for students and activists, helping people change to a veggie diet! We are an international organization, registered in the USA as a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

McCartney Takes a Stand

Sir Paul McCartney takes a stand for ducks! Click here to read his letter to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

A Matter of Life and Death
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Ducks out of water

Ducks - essentially wild water birds - are being factory farmed in stinking sheds. They can’t fly, they can’t swim and some can barely walk. Click here to help.

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From learning about factory farming to what healthy eating can do for your life - these guides will give you the answers you need. You can read the guides on-line and you can order them from Viva!






Viva!USA's weekly alert list will update you on our campaigns, upcoming events, and other animal issues.

Paul McCartney's special message to the USA.