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Welcome to Viva! USA

Viva! is a dynamic organization campaigning on behalf of animals killed for food. We do investigations of factory farms and then produce campaign materials for students and activists, helping people change to a veggie diet! We are an international organization, registered in the USA as a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

Meet the real dairy producers - Find out more about Viva!'s new anti-dairy campaign.

See our urgent actions. Act now!

Vegan Basics - The Complete Guide for New and Aspiring Vegans This 48 page booklet explains the who's (animals) and why's (planet & health) a person goes vegan. It describes what veganism is and provides a detailed product guide. Vegan Basics has ads from many well-known vegan companies along with those from rising stars. Delicious recipes fill the side panels. Information on cruelty-free products and non-leather items makes going vegan a cinch!

Ducks out of water

Ducks - essentially wild water birds - are being factory farmed in stinking sheds. They can’t fly, they can’t swim and some can barely walk.

Find out more about our campaign to stop the factory farming of ducks and what you can do to help these birds.

Read Viva!'s Guides - now on line! Find out about farmed animals, veggie nutrition, healthy diets, the environment and lots more.



Read Paul McCartney's Message from the launch of Viva! in the USA and watch Paul's special message to the USA.