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September 29, 2000

Animal Activists Stage Vigil at State Capitol Similar events to take place at state capitols around the U.S.

Atlanta, GA...Members of Viva! and FARM will meet on Monday, October 2 from noon to 1pm at the state capitol to draw attention to the billions of animals inhumanely raised and killed for food in this country every year. October 2nd is the 18th annual observance of World Farm Animals Day and honors the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi.

“A majority of people in the U.S. do not know about the hideous abuse and suffering that animals endure before they end up on their dinner plate,” said lauren Ornelas, U.S. Campaigns Director for Viva! "Polls show that most people are opposed to the way animals are farmed once they learn the details."

For example, in a poll done this year by Zogby American, 75% of respondents said it is unacceptable to starve hens in order to shock them into laying more eggs. And in 1999 a Peter Hart Research poll found that 85% of Americans oppose raising farm animals in tight confinement.

Every year billions of animals are caged, dosed with antibiotics, physically mutilated, and transported in crowded conditions. Some are slaughtered without even being stunned.

“The animal agriculture industry knows that if people see what happens to animals killed for food, most people will go vegan," said Ornelas.

Viva! is an international vegetarian/vegan organization headquartered in Atlanta. The worldwide observance of World Farm Animals Day is coordinated by FARM, a national public interest organization in the nation’s capital.