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Media Advisory Date: December 5, 2001
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: lauren Ornelas, 530/759-8482

Undercover videofootage & Photo Opportunity: Kids and rescued pigs! photos available

Shocking Cruelty Behind Holiday Ham to be Revealed
Students to make Holiday Wish for Peace on Earth;
Urge People to Eschew Traditional Holiday Meal

Vacaville, CA . . . Students from pre-school through college will join vegetarian advocates in urging the public to spare pigs this holiday season by choosing vegetarian alternatives to ham for the traditional holiday dinner. At a December 12 press conference, the childrenŐs wishes for peace on Earth for all living creatures will follow the release of never before seen undercover footage of inhumane and unsanitary conditions at large pig farms in the U.S.

The press conference will be followed by a vegan reception featuring veggie "pigs in a blanket" and other holiday alternatives. It will take place at the Animal Place sanctuary for farm animals in Vacaville, where photo opportunities with children, pigs, and other animals will abound. Take photos of the kids with Freddie, Annabelle, and other rescued pigs!

WHAT: Press Conference, Vegan Reception
WHEN: Wednesday, December 12, 2001, 11 a.m.
WHERE: Animal Place Sanctuary, 3448 Laguna Creek Trail, Vacaville, CA
(We can e-mail or fax directions)

The press conference will mark the launch of Viva!Ős When Pigs Cry campaign, which seeks to expose the horrific practices of todayŐs industrial pig farms. Viva!Ős video footage shows pigs crammed in filthy indoor units. Mother pigs are pinned down in metal racks, unable to turn or stand, with their nipples exposed for their piglets to nurse. The video also documents sick pigs tossed into the aisles like trash to die -- some still alive but unable to reach food or water. The pigs are fed a steady diet of antibiotics, many of which are banned in Europe because of their danger to human health.

"The unspeakable horrors hidden behind the holiday ham are incompatible with the peaceful, life-affirming spirit of the holiday season," said lauren Ornelas, Director of Viva!USA. "This year, more than ever, the wish for Peace on Earth holds great meaning. The quest for non-violence begins on your plate."

About us: Viva!, an international organization, has its national headquarters in Davis, CA. Undercover video and photos taken of pig factory farms in the U.S. and a report on the status of the industry will be available at the event or by contacting Viva! at 530/759-8482.