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May 22, 2002

For more information: lauren Ornelas (530) 759-8482

Viva!'s Duck Campaign Still Flying High
Another store dumps Grimaud Farms duck meat

Davis, CA... Viva! has received correspondence from Huckleberry's Fresh Market in Spokane, Washington stating:

"We are no longer purchasing or selling Grimaud FarmsÕ ducks. This is due to the information we received from Viva!"

Huckleberry's decision to stop buying duck meat follows in the wake of Viva!'s investigation of Grimaud and subsequent, national campaign. Kicked off in September of 2000, it has been endorsed by celebrities such as Paul McCartney and actress Hayley Mills.

"We are excited that Huckleberry's has decided no longer to carry duck meat from Grimaud Farms," said lauren Ornelas, Viva!'s U.S. Campaigns Director. "It is good to know that when presented with the facts, Huckleberry's will make the right choices."

Since the inception of its duck farming campaign, Viva! has successfully negotiated with several retailers, including Earth Fare, to end their dealings with inhumane, duck factory farming businesses. In 2001, Whole Foods agreed to end selling duck meat from producer Maple Leaf Farms (another farm investigated by Viva!). Later that year, Trader Joe's suspended its purchase of duck meat, pending a third party certification that the farms are "humane."

Viva! has photographs and video of the conditions in which Muscovy ducks, raised by Grimaud Farms (located in Stockton), are forced to live: filthy, crowded warehouses without even enough water for the ducks to immerse their heads. Eye problems commonly develop under such conditions. Without more water, these naturally aquatic birds find it difficult to keep warm and clean. Grimaud Farms practices de-billing (in which a portion of the birds' beaks are seared off, without anesthesia) as a means to prevent the ducks from pulling out each others' feathers; an unnatural, neurotic behavior caused by the crowded, "factory farm" conditions.

About Viva: We are an international organization with national headquarters in Davis, CA. Undercover video and photos taken in duck units on U.S. factory farms, as well as Viva!USA's report on the status of ducks held in these farms, are available through Viva!USA's website at www.vivausa.org or by contacting Viva! at 530/759-8482.