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August 29, 2002
For more information: lauren Ornelas, 530/848-4021 -
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Animal Campaign Group Viva! Launches Global Boycott of Adidas
International Day of Action to Expose Funding of Kangaroo Massacre

Davis, CA... International animal organization Viva! is sponsoring an international day of action against Adidas on Saturday, August 31, 2002 to protest the company's subsidizing the slaughter of millions of kangaroos whose skins are used for making soccer cleats. This year alone, seven million adult kangaroos will be shot to supply the kangaroo leather industry, the largest massacre of land animals on the planet. The events are being coordinated by the international campaign organization Viva! and will take place in several locations around the world.

Events will take place in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, Boston, Portland, Richmond, VA, Gainesville, FL, Sacramento, Santa Rosa, and Fox Cities, WI.

Local activists and Viva! supporters across the world and as far away as Zimbabwe, the UK, and Australia, will be staging demos outside sports shops that stock Adidas goods, distributing leaflets highlighting Adidas' part in the cruel and bloody kangaroo leather industry, and urging shoppers to boycott all Adidas products until the company stops using kangaroo skin.

A harrowing new video produced by Viva! highlights the role sporting goods companies play in the largest massacre of land animals on the planet. Called Killing for Kicks, it shows hunters in Australia plundering the outback, viciously killing kangaroos to supply the kangaroo leather industry.

The number one supporters of this bloody trade are sports shoe manufacturers who purchase the skins and turn them into soccer cleats. Adidas is the industry's biggest customer for kangaroo skin, accounting for 70% of the market and making (amongst others) the Predator soccer cleats.

Killing for Kicks shows how kangaroos are hunted in the dead of night, shot, quite often in the throat, hoisted onto a metal hook on the back of a truck and left hanging upside-down to die slow, lingering deaths. This year, the official quota for the killing is seven million, but that does not take into account the million or more baby 'joeys' who are dragged from their dead mothers' pouches and killed by being stamped on, hit repeatedly, or decapitated. It also excludes the millions of nursing roos who, too young to fend for themselves, hop off terrified into the night to die of predation, starvation, or neglect.

"We hope that when people see this footage they will turn their backs on the cruelty and shun all kangaroo leather products," said lauren Ornelas, US Campaigns Director for VivaUSA!. "There are so many high-tech, synthetic materials available that there is absolutely no need to support the suffering."

Viva! is an international campaigning organization with its USA headquarters based in California. For further information on Viva!'s campaign, go to www.savethekangaroo.com. Viva!'s report into the killing, Under Fire, and scenes from the new video can all be viewed online.