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For Immediate Release:
January 15, 2003
For more information:
lauren Ornelas 530/759-8482

Kangaroo Jack: Life for Real Roos Isn’t so Funny

Activists to leaflet movie goers

Davis, Ca... The movie Kangaroo Jack premieres on Friday, January 17 -- a comedy with a kangaroo as a lead character. Although, animal activists wish that life for kangaroos in Australia was really fun and playful, unfortunately, each year millions of kangaroos suffer a horrible fate at the hands of companies like Adidas.

"Most people see kangaroos as the adorable furry creatures they are," said lauren Ornelas, US Campaigns Director for Viva! "Companies like Adidas see them only as shoes."

Hunters in Australia kill kangaroos to supply the leather industry. Hunted in the dead of night, they are stunned by a spotlight and then shot. A Code of Practice that hunters are supposed to follow states that kangaroos should be killed by a single shot to the head, but thousands are shot inaccurately causing them to die a violent, agonizing death. Injured kangaroos often disappear into the night only to die of their injuries. A million baby ‘joeys’ (a "worthless by-product" of the industry), are dragged from their dead or dying mothers’ pouches and killed by stomping, beating, or decapitation. Official figures also exclude millions of orphaned ‘roos’ who, too young to fend for themselves, hop off terrified into the night to die of starvation or neglect.

"We know that moviegoers will be interested in our message and will hopefully take a stand against Adidas who pays for the bludgeoning of baby kangaroos in order to use kangaroo leather for their products," said Ornelas.

The hunting is legal in Australia. But Viva! and the wildlife and animal protection organizations in Australia are working to end it because of the cruelty it involves.

There are many high-tech, synthetic materials available and used by Adidas in the manufacture of some of its products so there is no need to support such suffering.

A dozen events will take place around the country on January 17, the movie premiere date.

Viva! is an international campaigning organization with its USA headquarters in California. An International Day of Action Against Adidas is set for February 8. For more information on the campaign please see www.savethekangaroo.com.