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Paul McCartney filmed a message especially for the launch of Viva! USA. Paul says:

"Hi, this is Paul McCartney here. There’s a whole lot of things wrong with our planet at the moment. We hear a lot of words from big business and from governments but they don’t seem to do much about it. Well, you yourself can do something about it.

You can help the environment, you can help to end cruelty to animals and you can improve your own health. All you gotta do is go vegetarian, thatŐs all you need to do. So think about it, it’s a great idea.

Viva! started in the UK a few years ago with absolutely nothing, but already they’ve had big impact. They’ve stopped the sales of exotic meats like kangaroo and crocodile, they’ve also exposed conditions in factory farms, showing how pigs and ducks, for instance, are raised and also they’ve helped to educate kids about how they can improve their diets and therefore improve their own health. So it’s a great idea, it’s an idea based on compassion and wisdom and it’s one that you can join us in too.

This is the message that Viva! is bringing to the USA. It’s not a new message, it’s centuries old but it’s never been more needed than now. It’s all about compassion and what’s wrong with compassion? This is what Viva!’s been getting through in the UK but we all know that if we’re going to have a global solution to sort this world out, changes have got to happen here in the US of A - so get to it dude, go veggie!"



Watch Paul's special message to the USA.