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December 29, 2003

Erich Stamminger, CEO/President
5055 North Greeley Avenue
Portland, OR 97217

Dear Mr. Stamminger:

We have just learned that you are the new President/CEO of Adidas in North America. We’d like to take this opportunity to open the lines of communication between your office and our organization in the USA.

As we are sure you are aware, Viva! is engaged in a worldwide campaign to encourage your company to end the use of kangaroo skins for soccer cleats.

Enclosed is an article from Australia explaining that kangaroo populations are the lowest they have been in over 20 years. (The hunt planned in that article has been cancelled, but the species is still in real danger.) This is a serious issue, and one in which Adidas plays a critical role. You can use your influence to make a positive impact on our world as well as improve the image of Adidas in the eyes of millions.

People in the United States have an affinity for kangaroos. Given the dire situation in Australia, the slaughter of these animals cannot be defended on the basis of preventing overpopulation. But for people in this country, it’s even simpler: they don’t believe kangaroos should be killed to make a pair of shoes.

We want to wish you a wonderful New Year and express our hope that Adidas will make a New Year’s Resolution and begin phasing out the kangaroo skins starting in 2004. That would truly be a move in a positive direction.


lauren Ornelas

US Campaigns Director