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California’s Protected Species Need Your Help

**Please forward and do read the new information (since May!) on the kangaroo numbers in Australia!!!** 

Assembly member Firebaugh (D) introduced Assembly Bill 2915, a bill that would take away safeguards that currently exist to protect kangaroos in this state.
This bill already passed the Assembly and is now in the Senate Natural Resources Committee.

Calls and letters are needed to the members of the Senate Natural Resources Committee urging them to preserve these protections.

Existing law provides that it is a crime to import into this state for commercial purposes, to possess with intent to sell, or to sell within the state, the dead body, or any part or product thereof, of any kangaroo. This law would require that they be endangered. See reasons below why this must not happen!

This bill has been introduced in an attempt to undermine the efforts of the California legislature who passed the original law to protect certain animals regardless if they are endangered or not. This is because certain animals who are killed commercially look similar to others who are protected or threatened. In addition, there are many subspecies of animals and in order to ensure the animal is fully protected the entire species must be listed – which is precisely how California’s law is written.

If you would like regular updates on these bills and what you can do, please sign up at SB1207@vivausa.org.

Please write the members of the Senate Natural Resources Committee and ask that they oppose AB2915. Remind them that the protections for kangaroos must be retained.

The bill will either be heard on June 22nd or at a special hearing.


**Please remember to include your full mailing address and mention if you are a constituent!**
Senate Natural Resources Committee Members:

Chair, Senator Sheila Kuehl
916-324-4823 fax

Senator Thomas "Rico" Oller
916-324-2680 fax

Senator Dede Alpert
916-327-2188 fax

Senator Debra Bowen
916-323-6056 fax

Senator Jeff Denham
916-445-0773 fax

Senator Dennis Hollingsworth
916-447-9008 fax

Senator Deborah Ortiz
916-323-2263 fax

Senator Byron Sher
916-323-4529 fax

Senator Tom Torlakson
916-445-2527 fax

Please include a fax of your letter to the

Committee Analyst: Syrus Devers at 916/323-2232
And to Viva!USA at SB1207@vivausa.org
Thank you!
Some additional points you may want to make:
• According to the Daily Telegraph (New South Wales newspaper), "Kangaroo populations south of Sydney will be commercially hunted for the first time despite numbers across the state plummeting to their lowest in more than 20 years." The paper goes on to state that, "The Government is also expected to announce next week the 2004 quota figures which show in some regions, kill quotas have already increased to as much as 80 percent of the population."

* Articles from Australia are slowly filtering out regarding the impact the droughts are having on the kangaroo populations. In fact, some slaughterhouses are having trouble staying open. South Australian kangaroo meat wholesalers have stated that they have to source kangaroo meat from Queensland, because of a shortage of kangaroos. In New South Wales at least two kangaroo processing plants have closed, that we know of, one at Bourke, and another further South. Another report from West Australia states that the Government cannot buy enough kangaroo meat to make into poison baits for wild dogs. A severe shortage of kangaroo meat meant that the Dept. of Agriculture could only find half of the 150 tones of kangaroo meat it needed for wild dog baits.
* A current lawsuit taking place in Australia has the government admit that they is no real oversight to how the kangaroos are killed! The Appeal, through the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, heard evidence from the Government that no monitoring takes place at night, at the point of kill. They admitted that they had no way of determining whether or not the guidelines in the Code of Practice were followed.
• By deleting the protections currently in existence for kangaroos will not generate enough revenue for the state to make a dent in our budget crisis.
• Kangaroos, one of the listed species within AB2915, are being killed by the millions in Australia to help make products such as soccer cleats, which are being sold here in California. There are plenty of alternatives to animal skins. Most companies offer synthetic alternatives. If AB2915 passes we lose the opportunity for California to take a stand against this senseless massacre. Although not all kangaroos are listed as endangered, some of them are.
• The hunts take place at night when it is very difficult to decipher between the listed and non-listed species. By allowing the sale of kangaroo skins into California we are risking the possibly of importing skins of kangaroos who are protected.
• Just a quick search on the internet shows that kangaroos look similar to one another. Compile that with shooting at night, and this can mean protected kangaroos are shot.
• Australia has a terrible record when it comes to protecting their native species. In fact, “more mammals have died (in Australia) in the last 200 years than in any other continent.” [http://www.nationalparks.nsw.gov.au/npws.nsf/Content/Threatened+Species]This is why it is imperative that California’s law stay intact. We must do our part to preserve native species wherever we can.

For more information, contact lauren Ornelas at (530) 759-8482 or at SB1207@vivausa.org
For more informaiton about the kangaroo campaign go to: www.savethekangaroo.com.

If you do not know who your Senator is, go to www.leginfo.ca.gov/. At the bottom of the page, click on Your Legislature. Enter your zip code and press "search" and you will be given the name and contact information of your Senator  (in the lower half of the page). Or you can call the Government Information Hotline at 916-322-9900 and give the operator your address - the operator will tell you who your Senator is and/or you can leave your message for him/her through the operator.

Please address your letter(s) to:
The Honorable [full name of Senator]
California State Senate
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814



PO Box 4398
Davis, CA 95617
530/759-8487 fax