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Urgent Action

Help save a pig over easter

Easter is around the corner and the pig killing industry is gearing up for it. According to the March "Pork Alert" they are preparing their Easter promotions! So it is time that we also begin preparations for the pigs!

Easter is on April 11 this year so we are asking that activists plan their events on or before Saturday, April 10. Just like around Christmas, Viva!USA is still facing financial hardship so we once again have to request a donation to help cover postage and printing costs.

If you would like to participate, please e-mail us with your name, address, and contact information that we can give out to others who are interested in participating, and please confirm that you can send a $5 donation to help cover costs.  We will be posting your event and contact information on our website, so please let us know if you would like it to remain private.

We will send you 100 of our When Pigs Cry leaflets (if you would prefer a different leaflet, please specify; see  http://www.vivausa.org/activistresources/leaflets/index.html
for our leaflets), 1 pig poster, and a copy of Vegan Basics.

E-mail this information to whenpigscry@vivausa.org .

Deadline to orders materials at $5 is March 24. If you cannot afford the $5 we will try to work something out. If you can afford more than $5, please donate more!

Please use this opportunity to speak out for the millions of pigs who are killed at 6 months old and whose mothers are kept in crates so small they cannot walk or even turn around. They live in factory farms where disease runs rampant and they are treated as mere objects, tossed in the middle of isles when they are sick to die without food, water, or comfort. Please speak out for these wonderful, sensitive, and intelligent animals.

For a list of events in your area click here.

More about our pig campaign can be seen here: http://www.vivausa.org/campaigns/pigs/index.htm