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Urgent Action

FIFA (Federation Intérnationalé de Football Association) Women's World Cup 2003 is having their games in six cities in the USA this year. For more information check out: http://fifaworldcup.yahoo.com/03/en/. If you click on their store you can see that Adidas is a major part of this and how they are pushing the female Predator (which is made from kangaroos skin).

Viva! is coordinating activists to leaflet at some of the games so people will associate Adidas with the needless killing of kangaroos and the suffering of the babies who are taken from their mother's pouches.

Please lend your voice for the millions of kangaroos who are being killed simply to make a shoe.

Join activists in these 6 cities:

For more information on each of these games:
September 27 -- Contact Lance at LMorosini@earthlink.net
October 1 -- Contact Lu at dog.trio@verizon.net.

Columbus, OH 
Games are on September 20, 24 & 28. For more information and where to meet, contact POET at poetwill@worldnet.att.net.

Games are on September 20 & 25. For more information contact David at veganigma@yahoo.com.

Los Angeles/Carson
Games are on September 21, 25 and October 11 & 12. For more information on what games activists will be at, contact Valerie at vbelt@hotmail.com.

Games are on September 28 and October 2 for more information contact Matt at matt@idausa.org.
October 5 - For more information contact Tammy at kitekatz@att.net.

Washington, DC
For more information on each of these games:
September 20 -- Contact Patrick at patrickchristoper@yahoo.com.
September 24 -- Contact Paul at pshapiro@cok.net.
September 27 -- Contact Travis at redonion@ziplip.com.

For more information on the campaign click here.