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Urgent Action

Holiday Events for Pigs

Every Christmas & Easter Viva! asks people to go out and leaflet on behalf of the pigs. We cover grocery stores and Honeybaked Ham locations throughout the country. (For Honeybaked Ham locations go to http://www.honeybaked.com).

At these events we have succeeded in getting customers to turn around and not buy the ham. We have reached young kids who love pigs as well as many people young and old who have considered vegetarianism.

Click here to see the list of events that are taking place across the country for the pigs. We hope that you will join in on these events!

Please use this opportunity to speak out for the millions of pigs who are killed at 6 months old and whose mothers are kept in crates so small they cannot walk or even turnaround. They live in factory farms where disease runs rampant and they are treated as mere objects, tossed in the middle of isles when they are sick to die without food, water, or comfort. Please speak out for these wonderful, sensitive, and intelligent animals.
More about our pig campaign can be seen here.