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Urgent Action

Why is Viva!USA Down on Pier 1 Imports?

Many (if not all) of the duck feathers and down used in products such as pillows and comforters come from ducks who are killed for 'meat.' Maple Leaf Farms raises ducks in confined and filthy conditions. They also only provide ducks water in the form of nipple drinkers - water trickles out of a pipe and does not allow the ducks enough water to immerse themselves. Ducks need water in order to maintain good health. Many farms also cut the tips of the ducks' bills off in order to prevent feather pulling.

We are asking you to make sure Pier 1 hears about the cruelty they are supporting! Ask them to cease using feathers from Eurasia Feather Company (a subsidiary of Maple Leaf Farms). Remind them that using synthetic materials is a far kinder way of doing business. Since Pier 1 Imports already sells many products that use synthetic materials, they know they are comfortable and marketable.

Please contact them at:

(800) 245-4595

You can access an on-line comment form here:


Pier 1 Imports
301 Commerce Street
Fort Worth, TX 76102

We plan to announce the target of our next grocery store campaign later this year.

Information on Maple Leaf Farms can be seen at: www.vivausa.org/campaigns/ducks/ducks.html