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Urgent Action SB233

Update on California Senate Bill 233 California Residents: On February 14, 2003 California State Senator Hollingsworth introduced a bill that would repeal the current penal code that prohibits the sale of kangaroo, crocodile & alligator skins/body parts in California.

On May 27, the measure died in the Senate Natural Resources and Wildlife committee and Senator Hollingsworth was granted. However, Senator Hollingsworth was granted reconsideration for his bill.

On Tuesday, January 13, 2004 Senate Bill 233 was pulled by the author.

Viva!USA would like to thank everyone who called and wrote the members of the Senate Natural Resources Committee on SB233 and who helped to spread the word!

We know there is a possibility this bill will come back in another form, so we hope that you stay in touch to find out how you can help!