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Urgent Action
From The Fund for Animals & Viva!USA

PLEASE contact your Assembly Member AND Senator and ask them to oppose SB993.

SB 993 makes it a misdemeanor to trespass on any land or building where cattle, goats, pigs, fowl or any other animals are being raised, bred, fed or held for human consumption. Trespassing is currently an infraction. This bill originally had nothing to do with animals, however, it was amended in April to its present form. It passed the Senate unanimously and the Assembly Public Safety Committee. This bill is being sponsored by Senator Charles Poochigian.

This bill passed the Appropriations Committee and is due on the Assembly Floor and then must go back to the Senate.

Tell the legislators that SB 933 is an attempt to protect the meat industry from anyone taking a picture because it may be used to help pass a bill such as AB 732 (would prohibit gestation and veal crates) or an initiative, or inform the public of horrendous conditions that factory farmed animals are kept in. SB 993 is a dangerous precedent. Remind them it is already a crime to trespass!

Check out the bill at:
http://www.sen.ca.gov/ (Click on Legislation and type in SB993).

Click Here for an analysis of the bill

Write to or Call: Your Assembly Member AND State Senator urge them to oppose SB 993. Also send a letter of opposition to the author. Let them know this is not about bio terrorism - it is about preventing the animal agriculture industry from being held accountable.

Why to oppose:

  • This is a politically driven bill and has been created to prevent people from drawing criticism to an industry that raises animals killed for food in an inhumane way.
  • The public has a right to see how animals are raised for food in the US and it is in the public's best interest.
  • There are already laws regarding trespassing - there is simply no need for this bill.
  • Even the analysis on this bill mentions : "Another incident reported by Corcpork, Co., reveals that this bill may be aimed at another motive - political beliefs against inhuman treatment of animals."

To find the names of your State Assembly Member and State Senator, call us or (916)319-2856, (916)445-4251, or your County Registrar of Voters, or check the web, or look in front of your local phone book under California Assembly and California Senate. You can also visit http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/yourleg.html.