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California Residents: On February 14, 2003 California State Senator Hollingsworth introduced a bill that would repeal the current penal code that prohibits the sale of kangaroo, crocodile & alligator skins/body parts in California.

On May 27, the measure died in the Senate Natural Resources and Wildlife committee. However, Senator Hollingsworth has been granted reconsideration for this bill and we know that the industry groups have lobbied hard to make sure it passes! We also know that the Fur Commission sent out an alert in support that helped move the bill forward. So, we must continue our efforts until the bill actually dies.

Below are the results of how each committee member voted and their contact information is below. Please be sure to contact all of them and if you live in their district, please mention this and include your contact information. Please note that many major cities such as Los Angeles, San Diego, and Sacramento are represented.

Opposing SB233:

Senators, Kuehl, Bowen and Sher. Please thank them for this vote and encourage them to oppose it again when it is heard.

Supporting SB233:

Senators Hollingsworth, Oller and Denham. Please ask them to reconsider their vote for the next hearing and give them the reasons why they should oppose.


Senator Torlakson. Please write him and ask him to please vote NO on the bill and remind him that his vote is critical for these species.

Not in attendance:

Senators Alpert & Ortiz. Please ask for them to Oppose SB233.

To find out if your Assembly Member is on the Committee, please visit

It doesn’t hurt also send a letter to your Senator.

Senate Natural Resources and Wildlife Committee

All letters can be sent to:

State Capitol
Room (see numbers below for each room number)
Sacramento, CA 95814

Chair, Senator Sheila Kuehl (Represents Los Angeles area)
916/324-4823 Fax
Room 4032
If her e-mail is not working, please contact:

Senator Thomas "Rico" Oller (Represents areas such as: Lassen, Plumas, Butte, Sierra, Yuba, Nevada, Placer counties)

916/324-2680 Fax
Room 5064

Senator Dede Alpert (Represents San Diego area)
916/327-2188 Fax
Room 5050

Senator Debra Bowen (Represents Redondo Beach area)
Room 4040

Senator Jeff Denham (District covers some of the Central Valley)
916/445-0773 Fax
Room 4062

Senator Dennis Hollingsworth (Represents Riverside area) -
Sponsor of the bill (please be sure to send him a polite letter)
916/447-9008 Fax
Room 2048

Senator Deborah Ortiz (Represents Sacramento area)
916/323-2263 Fax
Room 5114

Senator Byron Sher (Represents Stanford area)
916/323-4529 Fax
Room 2082

Senator Tom Torlakson (Represents Antioch area)
916/445-2527 Fax
Room 5061
Points to include:

  • Although not all kangaroos are endangered, some of them are. The fact that these hunts take place at night and are not monitored is reason enough to keep the law intact.
  • There is a drought in Australia right now where kangaroos are dying by the millions. The Red Kangaroo’s existence might be in jeopardy if the kill continues as it is.
  • Kangaroos are being killed by the millions in Australia to help make products such as soccer cleats, which are being sold here in California. There are plenty of alternatives to animal skins. Most companies offer synthetic alternatives. If SB 233 passes then essentially it will seem as if Californians support this slaughter. This bill serves as our way of taking a stance against this bloody massacre.
  • Kangaroos have been protected in California since 1970 - there is no reason for them to be deleted from this list.
  • There is a drought in Australia right now where kangaroos are dying by the millions. The Red Kangaroo’s existence might be in jeopardy if the kill continues as it is because they are currently being shot three times faster than they can reproduce.

If you send a letter, please send a copy to us at either

info@vivausa.orgor to Viva!, P.O. Box 4398, Davis, CA 95617.

For more information about our campaign against Adidas' use of kangaroo skins see:


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