The Complete Guide for New and Aspiring Vegans

Viva!'s newest guide!

This 48 page booklet explains the who's (animals) and why's (planet & health) a person goes vegan. It describes what veganism is and provides a detailed product guide. Vegan Basics has ads from many well-known vegan companies along with those from rising stars. Delicious recipes fill the side panels. Information on cruelty-free products and non-leather items makes going vegan a cinch! Complete with Boo Hiss (animal products) and a Hurray (vegan items) glossary.

Below is a sample:

Ice Cream
Dairy ice cream obviously contains dairy products, usually in the form of milk or milk derivatives. If the label on your ice cream, however, reads 'non-dairy' or uses the phrase 'non-milk fats', don't assume that this makes it vegan as these may contain pork or other animal fats. The good news is there are loads of scrumptious vegan ice creams widely available! If you find it difficult to get hold of vegan ice cream or prefer something fruity, you could try sorbets and frozen fruit snacks instead. But more and more regular grocery stores are starting to carry these vegan ice cream treats!

Double Rainbow Soy Cream
All varieties are vegan. We have heard that Butter Pecan, Cookie Vanilla and Mint Chocolate Chip are a dream! Their sorbets are also vegan (Chocolate, Lemon, Mango Tangerine, Marion Blackberry, Rainbow and Raspberry). Both are available in parlors featuring Double Rainbow Ice Cream and some health food grocery markets and specialty grocery markets.

Rice Dream (Imagine)
In tubs; Rice Dream Bars, Rice Dream Nutty Bars, and Dream Pies

Soy Delicious (Turtle Mountain)
Everything Soy Delicious makes is vegan. Purely Decadent soy cream to ice cream sandwiches and cookie sandwiches. Cookie Avalanche is a vegan version of the favorite Cookies n Cream. They also make Sweet Nothings which includes delicious non-dairy fudge bars.

Soy Dream
Sold in pints as well as Lil’ Dreamers (ice cream sandwiches)

Whole Soy
Glacé soy ice cream (very rich and creamy soy ice cream)

Let’s Do...Organic
Organic Waffle Cones, Waffle Bowls, Chocolatey Sprinklez, Confetti Sprinkelz

Vegan by accident:

Dreyers Sorbet (west of the Rockies)/Edy’s (east of the Rockies)
Vegan products include whole fruit sorbets: boysenberry, lemon, mandarin orange with passion fruit, mango, peach, raspberry, strawberry; whole fruit bars include lemonade, lime, strawberry, tangerine and wild berry.

Howler Sorbets
All flavors

Sorbets that are vegan (Lemon, Mango, Raspberry, Chocolate and Pineapple Passion).

In tubs (except for Honey Vanilla Chamomile), Tofutti Cuties (ice cream sandwiches), Tofutti Too-Toos (ice cream sandwich cookies)


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