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Viva! guides

Got a question? Don't know where to start?

Then the Viva! Guides will help you along the way. From learning about factory farming to what healthy eating can do for your life - these guides will give you the answers you need. You can read the guides on-line and you can order them from Viva!

Guide 1 - Nutrition in a Nutshell - edited by Michael Klaper, MD discusses why a plant based diet is healthy and nutritious. Includes a vitamin chart and where to obtain all the nutrients you need on a veggie diet.
Suggested donation $1 (8 pages)

Guide 2 - The Healthiest Diet of All - introduced by Neal Barnard, MD. Explains how our diet affects our health. Listing many of the common diseases, it reviews the latest research and shows how a veggie lifestyle is healthy.
Suggested donation $2 (19 pages)

Guide 3 - Murder She Wrote - by Juliet Gellatley, founder and international Director of Viva! Explores the truth behind modern factory farming and slaughter - color pictures throughout.
Suggested donation $2 (19 pages)

Guide 4 - Planet on a Plate - introduced by Dr. David Brubaker Describes how eating animals is ravaging the planet.
Suggested donation $1 (11 pages)

Guide 5 - Stop Bugging Me - edited by Dr. Emanuel Goldman Discusses the types of food poisoning that you risk when you eat animals.
Suggested donation $1 (11 pages)