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Ducks out of water

Ducks - essentially wild water birds - are being factory farmed in stinking sheds. They can’t fly, they can’t swim and some can barely walk.

Ducks - creatures that have evolved to eat, swim, dive, clean and play in the water - never even see it, except in their mechanical waterers. Without water, ducks are deprived of their natural habitat.


When Pigs Cry

A Viva! investigation reveals most pigs are crammed in disease-ridden, indoor units where they live in their own filth. A cocktail of drugs keeps them alive and forces fast growth.

The females are left in what are called gestation crates and can barely move - they can’t walk, turn around or even lie down comfortably. Pregnant sows are kept in these prisons for most of their lives - four months at a time for the duration of each pregnancy. Their only relief is occasionally being moved to another metal-barred prison (where they give birth and feed their young), or when they are waiting to be impregnated again.


It's Time for Chickens!

What would you say if someone told you that 23 million lives were being taken every day -- 269 every second? Surely suffering of this magnitude would take an army to stop right? Only an army of one. You!

Unfortunately, these 23 million lives—over 9 billion each year in this country—belong to chickens raised for meat. Viva!USA's investigations of chicken farms, predominantly those of Foster Farms, the largest chicken-producing company in the Western United States, found birds bred to grow so large at such an unnaturally fast rate that their legs can barely hold up their swollen bodies. Some could not even stand. All lived in filth and were unable to even go outside their entire lives…until the day they were taken to slaughter.


Meet the Real Dairy Producers

Meet the real dairy producers - Viva! investigations revealed that most cows on dairy farms are kept in confined areas on dirt and/or cement; and the babies, sometimes only a few hours old, are taken from their mothers.


Save The Kangaroo

The kangaroo killing industry supplies leather for soccer cleats, handbags and baseball mitts, which is fueling the slaughter of millions of kangaroos and their babies every year. 6.9 million kangaroos will be shot this year - it is the biggest wildlife massacre in the world and it must be stopped.