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Every year billions of animals are raised and slaughtered in horrifying conditions. You can help end the misery by choosing not to eat animal products and also by making a donation to help fund our campaigns. With your financial support, we can continue to expose the truth behind the meat and dairy industries, to promote a cruelty-free diet, and to plant the seeds of a more compassionate tomorrow.

Viva! depends on the support of people like you - your generosity makes our work possible. Please help us to reach more people and save more animals.

By making a regular donation (monthly or quarterly), you will enable us to plan for our future, and you will know that, although animals are suffering, YOU are doing all that you can to help. (Please make sure to select the regular donation option on the donation form.)

On behalf of the animals, thank you for caring.

Donation Method Accepts
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By Phone
Call us at 212 989 VIVA (8482)
Through the mail
Viva!USA, Suite 912, 1123 Broadway, New York NY 10010
Cash or check/money order made payable to:

Join the fight for life! Viva! USA is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization: all donations are tax-deductible.