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Go Veggie With Viva!

Viva! provides information to help you go vegetarian or vegan. The best starting point is our guide Vegan Basics which gives you the basic reasons why a veggie diet is good for you, the environment, the animals - really everyone! It also includes in-depth information on how to make the change with loads of ideas on meals, recipes and shopping advice!

Viva!'s also has several other invaluable Guides - for information on health and nutrition see our Nutrition in a Nutshell and The Healthiest Diet of All and if you want to find out more about how animals are treated on factory farms and in the slaughterhouse, read Murder, She Wrote.  And for detailed information on the impact that eating animals has on our environment, read Planet on a Plate. Don't forget to take a look at our other Guides as well!

All of Viva!'s Guides can be viewed on-line or you can receive a copy with a donation. Viva! also sells cookbooks, t-shirts and more!