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Health & Nutrition

This series of fact sheets on health and nutrition has been produced by Viva!'s sister organization, the Vegetarian & Vegan Foundation (VVF). The VVF is a science-based charity working to improve human health through the promotion of a vegetarian or vegan diet. The VVF monitors and interprets research that links diet to health - explaining in simple terms how what we eat affects us, in both positive and negative ways.

A-Z of Hidden Nasties: glossary of animal substances (includes definitions of vegetarian and vegan)

B12 and the Vegan Diet: all you need to know about vitamin B12 in vegetarian and vegan diets

Boning Up on Calcium: why plant calcium is best

Fishing for Facts: Plant oils vs. fish oils

Plant-based Diets and Heart Disease: how a veggie diet can protect your heart

Soya-Based Infant Formula: what is the safest option?

The Iron Myth: why plant iron is best

Veggie Health for Kids: why vegetarian and vegan diets are the healthiest for kids