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April 17, 2003 lauren Ornelas 530/759-8482

Activists Ask Public to Spare Pigs This Easter
Holiday Ham has Hidden Horror

Sacramento - Animal advocates with Viva! will be leafleting at Honeybaked Ham (2875 Fulton) this Saturday from 1:30 2:30pm to urge the public to spare the lives of pigs by choosing a vegetarian alternative to the traditional ham dinner served in many households at Easter. The advocates claim that pigs raised for food are forced to endure a life of suffering before being slaughtered.

Activists across the country will be participating in similar events as part of Viva!'s When Pigs Cry campaign, which seeks to expose the cruel practices of today's industrial pig farms. Viva!'s video footage shows pigs crammed in filthy indoor units. Mother pigs are pinned down in metal racks, unable to turn or stand, with their nipples exposed for their piglets to nurse.

Concern about these farming practices is growing. Just last November, an initiative was passed in Florida to ban the inhumane practice of confining pregnant pigs in crates. There is now similar legislation pending in California.

The video also documents sick pigs tossed into the aisles like trash to die-some still alive but unable to reach food or water. The pigs are fed a steady diet of antibiotics, many of which are banned in Europe because of their danger to human health.

"The unspeakable horrors hidden behind the holiday ham are incompatible with the peaceful, life-affirming spirit of Easter," said lauren Ornelas, Director of Viva!USA. "This year, more than ever, the wish for Peace on Earth holds great meaning. The quest for non-violence begins on your plate."

Viva!, an international organization, has its national headquarters in Davis, CA. Undercover video and photos taken of pig factory farms in the U.S. and a report on the status of the industry will be available at the event or by contacting the Viva!USA national office at 530/759-8482.