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For Immediate Release: July 23, 2003
For more information contact: lauren Ornelas 530/759-8482
cell 530/848-4021

Images of Kangaroo Slaughter to Roll Into San Diego
Adidas’ support of massacre exposed

San Diego…A 13 foot high industrial box truck with four large video screens, known as the Tiger Truck, will roll into San Diego later this week. The screens will be showing images of kangaroos being shot and baby joeys being stomped, to expose Adidas’ involvement in such practices. Viva! launched an international campaign against Adidas last year.

When: Friday, July 25, 8:30 pm
Where: Starting at Horton Plaza on 4th & Broadway
Why: To reveal to the public Adidas’ use of kangaroo skins for their soccer cleats

"We are taking to the streets what Adidas does not want anyone to see," said lauren Ornelas, US Campaigns Director for Viva!USA. "Hunters in Australia are shooting kangaroos and bludgeoning their babies to sell their skins to companies like Adidas."

Earlier this year Senator Dennis Hollingsworth introduced Senate Bill 233 to amend a penal code in California that currently prohibits the selling of kangaroo, crocodile, and alligator skins.

"We want people to know exactly who is supporting this horrifically cruel bill," said Steve Hindi of SHARK (Showing Animals Respect and Kindness), owner of the Tiger Truck. SHARK is based outside of Chicago, Illinois. See www.sharkonline.org.

In May of this year, Viva!USA sued Adidas and the Sport Chalet, as well as some other sports stores, for violating California Penal Code § 653o, which states that the body parts or products of kangaroos cannot be imported into or sold in the state.

The Tiger Truck will be in San Diego until Saturday night, eventually making its way to Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland (the Adidas USA Headquarters), Sacramento, and San Francisco.

Viva!, an international organization with USA Headquarters in Davis, CA, is organizing a global campaign against Adidas’ use of kangaroo skins. For further information on this campaign and to view pictures of kangaroo hunting, see www.ShameonAdidas.com or SavetheKangaroo.com. A copy of the lawsuit and video footage of kangaroo slaughter are also available on the website.