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September 18, 2003                            

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Rob Russell  614-224-4598
lauren Ornelas 530/759-8482

Women’s World Cup Gets a Kick Out of Killing
Adidas Under Fire for Kangaroo Slaughter

Columbus,OH—The Women’s World Cup begins this week in Columbus. Six US cities will be hosting the games. Every city will include soccer players, fans and those opposed to killing kangaroos simply to make shoes. Sports giant Adidas is the target of an international campaign, and will draw animal advocates to protest and leaflet the games.

When:Saturday, Sept. 20 at 5:45 PM, Sept. 24 5:45 and Sept. 28 at 1pm.
Where:Crew Stadium,Columbus,OH

"Australian law allows the bludgeoning of baby kangaroos after they have been torn from their mother's pouches -- just to make shoes," said lauren Ornelas, US Campaigns Director Viva!USA.

With 70% of the market for professional soccer cleats, Adidas is a driving force behind the slaughter. Synthetic materials are currently available to make soccer cleats, and many companies use them - including Adidas.

”Most people are unaware of the cruelty inflicted on these kangaroos; so we will be there so people know what Adidas is supporting,” said Rob Russell with Protecting Our Earth’s Treasures (POET).

In May, the California-based animal rights group Viva!USA filed a lawsuit against Adidas based on California Penal Code § 653o, which states that the body parts or products of kangaroos cannot be imported or sold in the state.

Viva!, an international organization with its USA headquarters in Davis,CA, is organizing a global campaign against Adidas’ use of kangaroo skins. For more information, including a copy of the legal complaint and video of the hunting, go to www.savethekangaroo.com.