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For Immediate Release: January 18, 2005

Contact: lauren Ornelas at 530/759-8482
Video and photos available

Duck Cruelty Caught On Tape

New video shows disturbing images from farms supplying duck meat to Albertsons

Davis, CA…Footage of sick ducks crammed into transport cages in Southern California is part of a new video just released by the group Viva!USA. The video release kicks off a new effort to persuade several grocery chains to stop purchasing duck meat from Maple Leaf Farms and other inhumane duck farms.

The campaign focuses on Albertsons, Safeway, and Kroger.

“Polls show that consumers care about how animals are treated on farms,” said lauren Ornelas, U.S. Campaigns Director, Viva!USA. “We are asking Albertsons to use their influence to take a stand against animal abuse and stop buying from this cruel farm.”

Viva!USA first launched its duck campaign in September 2000 with the support of celebrities like Paul McCartney and Hayley Mills.  The campaign has racked up a series of victories. Consumer pressure persuaded Trader Joe’s to stop selling all duck meat. Wild Oats, Earth Fare, and Huckleberries have stopped purchasing ducks from Maple Leaf Farms. And Whole Foods Market is now working with its supplier to ensure that ducks sold at Whole Foods have access to water for swimming and do not have the tips of their bills cut off.

But Albertsons and several other chains continue to sell duck meat from these inhumane farms. Viva!USA has sent these companies information about the conditions in which these animals are raised, including a video. So far, none have been willing to take a stand against the inhumane conditions at Maple Leaf Farms.

The campaign has been covered by USA Today, the Sacramento Bee, the Chicago Tribune, PR Weekly and other news outlets.

To see the new video and a media briefing, go to  http://www.vivausa.org/campaigns/ducks/duckbriefing.html.

Viva!USA’s national headquarters are in Davis, CA. Viva!USA is part of an international animal protection organization based in England.