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For Immediate Release: November 21, 2005

For More Information contact:
Lauren Ornelas 530/848-4021

Heather Mills McCartney Says
“Stop Amputating Turkeys’ Toes”

Davis, CA...Speaking out for turkeys this holiday season, Heather Mills McCartney has recorded a PSA for the animal group Viva!USA. It focuses on the amputation of turkeys’ toes by farmers and implores the public to forgo eating turkeys this holiday season.

”When I found out from my friends at Viva!USA that turkeys have their toes cut off or microwaved, I was shocked. Amputation causes the birds great pain and many can barely walk. The procedure should be banned immediately.

“I speak out about all suffering, whether it is a result of landmines or factory farming. It’s the holiday season, a time for giving thanks, and I feel it’s time to give the animals something to be thankful for. For me, that means eating vegetarian - for the holidays and every day.”

Approximately 45 million turkeys are killed every year in the U.S. just for the holidays. In addition to having their toes cut off, they also have the tips of their beaks painfully cut. They are bred to grow so quickly that many have difficulty walking due to their size and inability to balance without their full toes.

Overcrowding causes aggression in which animals may claw each other. The industry responds by cramming thousands of birds into sheds and cutting off body parts rather than giving them more room.

“Most people oppose cruelty to animals, but they just have no idea about what takes place in factory farms. Paul and I are 100 percent committed to Viva!’s campaign to end the suffering.”

Heather closes the new PSA by saying: “Go on, celebrate life - and save one!”.

To view the PSA and for more information about turkeys and meal ideas go to: www.vivaturkeys.com.

Viva!USA conducts investigations of factory farms and its national headquarters are in Davis, CA. Viva!USA (www.vivausa.org) is part of an international animal protection organization based in England.


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