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For Immediate Release December 21, 2005

For more information: lauren Ornelas 530.759.8482

Holiday Appeal for the animals – Celebrate Life this season!
Activists ask the public to forgo the ‘ham’

Davis, CA…Animal protection advocates are spending time to speak out for others whose suffering might be overlooked this holiday season: pigs in factory farms.

Holiday shoppers picking up their holiday ham will be asked to think about the cruelty pigs endure.

When: Friday, December 23 4pm - 5pm
Where: Honeybaked Ham at 2875 Fulton in Sacramento

"We want people to understand the suffering these animals must endure and encourage them to consider animal-free options to ham for their holiday dinner," said lauren Ornelas, spokesperson for Viva!USA.

The events are part of a national campaign that follows a large-scale investigation of pig farming conducted by Viva!USA, an international animal protection organization that promotes vegetarianism.

Viva!USA's video footage shows pigs crammed in filthy indoor units. Mother pigs are pinned down in metal racks, unable to turn or stand, with their nipples exposed for their piglets to nurse. The video documents sick pigs tossed into the aisles like trash to die -- some still alive but unable to reach food or water.

"We hope people will choose a holiday of peace and kindness rather than supporting suffering and death," Ornelas stated. "Pigs by nature are gentle, intelligent beings and we should extend the holiday spirit of peace and compassion to all living creatures."

"Items such as Tofurkey and the UnTurkey serve as delicious centerpieces for holidays meals. Gimme Lean Sausage and SmartBacon are great for holiday breakfast. And SoyChorizo works for those who want to replace the typical Mexican dish, chorizo, said Ornelas."

Viva!USA conducts investigations of factory farms and its national headquarters are in Davis, CA. Viva!USA (www.vivausa.org) is part of an international animal protection organization based in England.