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Students & Young Activists!

Thank you so much for your interest in finding out what you can do. The animals need more friends like you who are willing to speak out for them. Viva!USA is excited that you are interested in working with us to help make a difference for the animals and our planet!

Getting involved now means that you have a lifetime of hearts and minds you can change. Even friends who might not seem sympathetic can eventually change due to the seeds you plant.

You are also never too young to get involved in Viva!'s campaigns for the animals, so check out our campaign sections and see how you can answer our call!

From trying to get vegan meals in your school, to setting up information tables in your town, you can make a big difference for the animals.

Whether you are in high school or college, our pig section can help you get vegan meals in your school.

Don't forget our resources section that provides detailed information on animals on factory farms, the impact of animal consumption on our planet, and information on nutrition. Also included in the resource section also are a few 'how to' sheets on tabling, starting a group and more to help you get going.

We are always here to answer questions, give advice, and help out any way we can!

If you are interested in joining our ACT e-mail list for campaign and other updates pertinent to you, just e-mail us at ACT@vivausa.org.

If you would like to see this ad in your high school paper e-mail us at ACT@vivausa.org and give us the name of the school and a contact name and number for your school paper.



If you are a teen and want more ideas on what you can do, including signing up with a penpal overseas, click here.

spread the word

Click here for ideas on spreading veganism/vegetarianism at your school. Included is: Veganize Your School, a 'how to' sheet with vegan foods that are currently approved for use in schools; a petition; and sample news releases and letters to the editor.

E-mail us if you want to see this ad in your high school paper!

or download the ad



You Should be! In our leaflet section, please be sure to notice our ACT (Animal Campaigns for Teens) leaflet. Orders can be placed at orders@vivausa.org.