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What you can do

1. Go Vegan!

Adopting a vegan lifestyle is easy and you literally save lives when you stop eating animals. Just think - by refusing to eat dead animals and animal by-products, you’ll be saving more than 2,600 animals from death in your lifetime. For tons of vegan information, contact us.

2. Spread The Word

Tell your family and friends about the horrors of factory farming or give them an ACT! leaflet to read. We can send an information pack to anyone who is interested.

3. Distribute Campaign Material

Order more ACT! leaflets and distribute them around your school, after-school clubs, and local businesses.

Gather your friends together on a Saturday and hand leaflets out in your neighborhood for a few hours.

Leave a leaflet behind in places like a bus stations, youth clubs or dance class.

4. Start a Group at your School

Running an animal rights club at your school is a great way to meet other compassionate students and to create change for the animals! We have found that student groups have the ability to make an incredible impact at schools and on the student body. The difference you make for the animals doesn’t have to start when you are older; it can start today!

5. Get Vegan Meals in Your School

While educating your fellow classmates about the horrific lives of factory- farmed animals, you need to make sure they have food to fill their tummies! If your school does not offer some of the delicious vegan options that exist out there (vegan burgers, hot dogs, burritos), get them to start cooking! Not only will this help you and your classmates who are giving up animal flesh, it will also help future students who are perhaps too shy to speak up!

Our Veganize Your School sheet to help as well as a petition for you to get your classmates to sign onto. Viva! is happy to help you in anyway we can - just give us a holler!

6. Write a letter

Send a letter against factory farming to the letters page of your local newspaper. You can find the paper’s address by looking under ‘Newspapers’ in the Yellow Pages or by finding them on-line. Also, send one to your school paper! You can ask your school paper to cover the issue of vegan meals in schools or to help spread the word. Remember to include Viva!’s name, address and telephone number and ask people to contact us for more info. (Sample of both kinds of letters enclosed.) If it’s printed, we would love for you to send us a copy!

7. Stay in Touch

Join Viva!’s e-mail alert list to find out what events we have coming up for the animals and find out how can join in. Just send us an e-mail at ACT@vivausa.org and ask to be signed on to our student e-mail alert list.

8. Organize a display

Organize a display in your school or local library to highlight the plight of these animals. Just order more Viva! leaflets and use them to make an eye-catching exhibit. You could even add your own pictures and designs - be creative! We can send you posters from our other campaigns to help.

Remember to take a photograph of your work and send it to us!

9. Pull a media stunt

Demonstrations are great way to attract public and media attention. Grab a couple of friends and decide where and when you want to demonstrate and what you want to wear and do. Make the demonstration really visual with animal costumes and big signs.

Viva! would be happy to answer any questions you might have on where you can do this and can provide you with ideas on what you can do.

Tell us your plans and we’ll send you more leaflets and help you inform your local papers. If you’re at a loss for ideas, we can help out - just let us know what you need.

10. Raise money for your activism

Sell Stuff - Make cards, stickers, postcards, jewelry, cakes or cookies and sell them to friends and family. People always like to buy handcrafted goods for charity.

Raffle - Ask sympathetic businesses or family for a donated prize which can be raffled.

Garage Sale - Gather old clothes, toys, books, etc. from family and friends and sell them.

Make sure you have a helper to gather, sort, sell, and clean up afterwards. Remember to put a sign up to bring people to the sale.

If you want to donate some of the proceeds to Viva! we would love to share your generosity and creativity with others so send us a photo of your event with a check.

11. Write to a pen pal

Ever wonder what life is like for a teenage animal activist overseas? Want to meet someone within your own age group who is compassionate like you? Click here to find out how you can connect a pen pal in England! Others have already signed up! This is a sure way to remind you how exciting animal activism can be no matter where you live!

Feel free to contact us for more information on all of this, to order materials and advice or ideas to help you get started working on behalf of animals on factory farms. Also, be sure to keep us informed of your good work! We can be reached at:

P.O. Box 4398
Davis, CA 95617