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Urgent actions

Help ban Gestation Crates and Veal Crates in Arizona

Gestation crates are one of the most barbaric tools of factory farming. Breeding sows, forced to give birth to litter after litter of piglets, are kept in cages that are so small they are unable to move a step forwards or back, to turn around or even to lie down comfortably. The cage bars often rub their flesh raw, and the desire to escape never subsides. Their confinement is physical and mental torture.

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Calling all compassionate people! Please help us to publicize the horrors of factory farming and the wonders of veganism by ordering leaflets, booklets, and guides. We are sending out everything for FREE!!! If you table, if you are part of a student or local grassroots group, if you want to educate your friends and family, PLEASE contact us and we will mail you as many of our resources as you can make use of…. at no cost to you. All we ask is that you put them to good use. For a list of what is available, see here and email us claudia@vivausa.org to place an order.


Campaigners could be labeled “terrorists” under proposed legislation

The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (H.R. 4239), which has already unanimously passed the Senate and is now pending in the House, is a frightening piece of legislation that seeks to label a wide range of activism as “terrorism”. Animal rights advocates and even vegetarian outreach campaigners could be seriously affected. Activities such as “non-violent physical obstruction” and other common campaign tactics that do not harm people or property, such as civil disobedience, whistle-blowing, and even undercover investigations, will carry penalties if deemed to have caused “damages” to ie. have hurt the profits of, an animal enterprise, or any business connected to an animal enterprise (for example a research laboratory, or a factory farm).

Lawmakers return from recess November 13. Please contact your U.S. Representatives, from this date, and urge them to oppose this legislation, which could seriously jeopardize both the animal protection movement and free speech.
For Congressional contact information, visit www.congress.org.

For more detailed information on the Act, visit stopaeta.org and noaeta.org.



Kangaroos desperately need your help

While the world mourns the death of crocodile man and wildlife
warrior Steve Irwin, the world’s greatest and cruellest wildlife
massacre is occurring in outback Australia, sanctioned by the

Even though we are suffering the worst drought in living memory
and kangaroo numbers have plummeted up to 90% in many areas,
every night thousands of kangaroos are hunted down.
In one state, New South Wales, nearly three out of every four
kangaroos killed are pregnant females, as the males have been
already shot out. Their babies are pulled out of their pouches
and decapitated or crushed underfoot. The older young are just
left to die of starvation.

Steve did his best to stop this appalling holocaust, but he was
unable to. Profits from skins and meat drove the slaughter on.
In honour of Steve Irwin, please use your voice to help stop this shocking massacre.
Please send a polite letter of protest to:
Prime Minister John Howard,
Parliament House,
Canberra 2600,