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These video clips require the RealPlayer plugin which can be downloaded here.

Sir Paul McCartney - Go Veggie!
Watch Sir Paul's personal message about why its time to go veggie

Meet the Real Dairy Producers
Viva! investigations have revealed that most cows are kept in confined areas on dirt and cement floors; and the babies, sometimes only a few hours old, are taken from their mothers. Because cows produce significant amounts of milk for only ten months after they have birthed a calf, they are forced to continuously have babies in order to keep the milk flowing. Click here to view our video.

Ducks out of Water
Viva!USA's Ducks Out of Water explores what life is like for ducks on factory farms. Our investigations of the largest duck factory farms in the USA reveal ducks kept in filthy crowded conditions, deprived of enough water to immerse themselves and crammed in transport cages sick and dying. Click here to view the video.

Duckling Counter - A Video Made by the Industry in the USA
These ducklings are spit out onto a conveyor belts as if they were oranges. They are bounced, jerked and move quickly down the conveyor. This video is not sped up; you can tell how the people are moving in normal speed. They are then thrown into a crate on their heads and on top of each other. If you look closely you can tell they have had the tips of their bills either burned or cut off. This video is probably from a hatchery. Click here to view the video.

When Pigs Cry
Viva!'s When Pigs Cry shows Viva!'s investigation of pig farms in the country's #2 'pork' producing state, North Carolina. Sick and diseased pigs are common. On a small farm in Georgia, mother pigs are kept in gestation and farrowing crates - banging their heads and frustrated by their inability to walk or even turn around. Watch the Viva! video, When Pigs Cry.

Killing for Kicks
The video "Killing for Kicks" which exposes Adidas and the trade in kangaroo leather is now available online.Watch the Viva! video, Killing for Kicks

Viewing RealPlay Videos
If you have RealPlay installed on our computer, you should be able to view the videos, simply by clicking on the link - RealPlayer will then open and the video will start to play. If it doesn't, try this:
1. Right click the link and choose "Copy Shortcut" option.
2. Open RealPlayer and paste the link into the Location box (if this is not visible, click on the "View" drop down menu and click "Location Bar".